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On February 4, 2012 Wesley was in a skiing accident and broke his neck. He is 16 years old and is planning to graduate high school this year. There are not many 16 year old boys as amazing as he is. He is kind, thoughtful, and good date on his progress. I will make sure Wesley gets to read every comment this blog receives. My siblings and I will try to keep this blog current.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A new but old update—sorry for the lateness!

September 5, 2012
Wes continues to improve and work hard. We recently spent a week at home
and the cabin. It was nice for all of us but especially we to go back home
where he could sleep in his own bed. He helped bless the sacrament and
for the first time helped break the bread. He was only able to do one tray
but that was more than he has been able to do in the past. Two or Three
times a week he works at breaking bread so he can do more during the
sacrament. Wes is enjoying his new wheelchair with the double set of
wheels. He hardly gets to use the power assist because we want him to
continue to build his endurance in the wheelchair. Last week he attended
institute in Bozeman with our Stake President, President Heap. In the next
week or two he will start attending the student ward in Bozeman for young
Wes is also taking an online course for the New Testament at BYUI, by
doing this he does not have to defer his enrollment in college. This will
help him get back in the habit of doing school work. For now his plan is
to attend BYUI next fall full time. We will use this time to get him
stronger and capable of living on his own. It will be a lot of work but he
should be able to do it. Between now and then he will take more online
classes. We are in Utah this week and head back home on Friday. We will be
in Montana for a month and then we will come back to Utah for a week in
Wes continues to have a fun sense of humor and loves to be around people.
We enjoy very much watch him laugh and have fun. Our grandkids still love
to have him give them rides and they love to give him hugs and kisses.
Our grandkids talk about getting their own wheelchairs someday.
Wes is still involved in lifting weights, swimming, horseback riding and
working his hands. He still does not have any leg movement but we have not
lost hope. We still think eventually it can happen. We will do better
about taking more pictures and posting them. For now please know that Wes
is still improving. He needs your faith and prayers and great things will
continue to happen.

September 6, 2012
Today was a busy day for Wes. At 7:50a we left for U of U for occupational
therapy. It is an hour plus of defensive driving at its best. We saw a
fender and hood bender on the freeway as we were journeying. Some lady was
talking on her cell phone and fiddling with the radio and forgot to look
up and noticed that all the traffic in her lane had come to a complete
stop. It was a little interesting watching her hood bend right in front of
our eyes. No serious injuries but I suspect some very serious pride was
At the U of U we met with one of our very favorite therapists (Nikki) she
took us to an area of the hospital that has an escalator and we practiced
taking Wes up and down the escalator. From Wesley eyes it was kind of
scary. From my side it was kind of fun. We had numerous people come and
tell us they had an elevator and that it looked very dangerous for the
young man in the wheel chair. We smiled and told them we were doing
therapy. They looked at us like, what do you mean doing therapy it looks
like you are torturing that young man. I said I know and it’s fun. Finally
a maintenance man ran us off. We all smiled and said well we are done
anyway. Wes worked really well and accomplished a lot.
From the U of U we rushed off to driving practice and Wes has really
improved. We hope to have his car outfitted soon so he can drive more.
From driving practice we drove to Neuroworxs for Physical Therapy. Wes
worked very hard and worked on transfers, core strength, arms and
shoulders. We were running late from PT for Horseback Riding therapy. We
barely made it in time. Each time Wes rides he makes amazing progress and
today was no difference. He rides bareback and works on his core strength
and balance. We look forward to a time when he can ride 3 times a week. We
have found a place in Bozeman that will work with Wes more often as well
as more swimming time.
From horseback riding we went to Liberty Park in SLC. Wes did hand cycling
there. He did 5 laps around the park peddling with the hands and arms. He
went about 8 miles. That is the most he has ever done and he could have
done more but we were running out of time.
From hand cycling we went to our dear friends the Durham’s and had dinner.
We had a wonderful time visiting and we finally arrived at my sister’s
home by 9:50p. It has been a long, but productive day. When Wes got home
his uncle Cliff was waiting for one of their regular chess games. Wes is
one tired boy but not too tired to play a chess game. Tomorrow we head
home to Montana and will be there for a month before we come back to Utah
for therapy for a week. After all this time it will be very nice to live
in our home without compromising Wesley’s care.

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