Here's the deal

On February 4, 2012 Wesley was in a skiing accident and broke his neck. He is 16 years old and is planning to graduate high school this year. There are not many 16 year old boys as amazing as he is. He is kind, thoughtful, and good date on his progress. I will make sure Wesley gets to read every comment this blog receives. My siblings and I will try to keep this blog current.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Action Chair

Wesley recently tried out an action chair. This chair can pretty much go anywhere outside. It also has the ability to stand Wesley up so he can explore the wilderness in an upright position. Videos are posted below.




While I am posting pictures of Wes, I might as well add this one. Wes rides several miles on his hand bike every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He is getting pretty fast. I was able to ride with him this week while I was in town. He is pretty impressive.


Be sure to check out the videos below of his action chair in action.