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On February 4, 2012 Wesley was in a skiing accident and broke his neck. He is 16 years old and is planning to graduate high school this year. There are not many 16 year old boys as amazing as he is. He is kind, thoughtful, and good date on his progress. I will make sure Wesley gets to read every comment this blog receives. My siblings and I will try to keep this blog current.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Update Tuesday-Thursday

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My sister, Fawn, and my Mother came stayed with Wes for several hours today which gave Karen and me the opportunity to run some much needed errands. We also were able to get cleaned up at Brittnee’s…which was also, much needed.

Wes shows improvement every single day. He still battles with an upset stomach that often makes him feel like he is going to throw up and lately he does throw up once a day. He is eating a little better this week and for the first time since his accident he did not lose weight this week.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today Wes really improved. On Saturday, his therapist stood him up for the first time since the accident and he was able to stay up for a few minutes. Today, Barb stood him up and gave him a goal of 10 minutes and he made it. He is getting stronger and slowly gaining more control over his wrists and arms.

Tonight we played a game where we would put Gushers (a fruit snack) on his chest and he would have to grab it and put it in his mouth. I did the same thing with a fruit-by-the-foot.  We would pull off a piece and put it on his chest and he would work at getting it and putting it in his mouth. We were able to work on the speech recognition software today and it is coming along.

Today was shower night and Wes enjoys shower nights much better with Karen and I helping him. We let him take long hot showers and when the nurses or techs help him shower it is usually short because they are so busy. Let me just say again that our caregivers, nurses and therapists, are the best; we have really enjoyed getting to know them.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My sister, Gina, and her son, Joshua, came by and stayed with Wes today so that Karen and I could go vehicle shopping. We took care of several errands and Wes did very well again with his workouts. His arms and shoulders get very sore. Very dear friends came and visited this evening the time passed by very quickly.

I failed to mention that on Monday our very close friends, Ray and Lori, came by. They visited us when we first got to Arizona, at that point Wes could only move his left arm and it was a very small movement. When Wes showed Ray the movement in his left arm Ray asked if he could move his right arm.

Wesley replied, “Not yet.”

When Ray and Lori came by on Monday they brought him a green shirt with the words ‘Not Yet’ printed on it.

Today Wesley moves his right arm very well and is now controlling his wheelchair with it.

Miracles happen and Not Yet are principles we live by. We are grateful beyond belief for the prayers that keep us moving forward. Karen, Wesley and I, along with the rest of our family are on a difficult, inspiring, and humbling journey.

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  1. Wesley's progress is amazing! We continue to think of you and so appreciate the efforts that are made to keep the blog up-to-date so we can be in touch without interrupting the hard work that is going on.

    All our best.