Here's the deal

On February 4, 2012 Wesley was in a skiing accident and broke his neck. He is 16 years old and is planning to graduate high school this year. There are not many 16 year old boys as amazing as he is. He is kind, thoughtful, and good date on his progress. I will make sure Wesley gets to read every comment this blog receives. My siblings and I will try to keep this blog current.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updates Sunday-Wednesday

Here is the dealio... I will have plenty of time to update the blog because our moving day got pushed back a week or so. I don't have a lot of details about our move as of yet; however, I do know that we are still going to Guatemala. My husband, Ben, is in the construction industry and the company he works for has jobs worldwide. We are currently in Louisiana because they have a project down here. I think the fact that Ben speaks fluent Spanish helped the company decided to send us to Guatemala. 

I have some more exciting news. We got a new laptop! I am thrilled. I have had the old one since the end of high school and the top doesn't stay up so I had to hold it up while I typed. The new one is an absolute delight.

On to Wesley. I am proud of my brother. Here are the updates from earlier this week.

Sunday March 11

Wesley got to sleep in just a little longer than normal since there was no therapy on Sunday. My parents woke him up at 9:00AM to hurry and get dressed and ready to see some visitors from grade school. The Millers came to visit. Marie was Wesley's 5th grade teacher (my 4th grade teacher) and her son, Rex, was one of Wesley's closest friends through grade school and middle school. It was fun to visit with the Millers. Friends came to visit all day, which helped the day pass by very quickly. 

Good friends from the Greenway Ward (church congregation) brought Wesley and my parents the sacrament. This is always a highlight of Sunday for my family. I remember the Sunday a week after Wesley's accident, he was able to partake of the sacrament. Two Young Men from one of the Bozeman wards brought it to the hospital. After the sacrament we sang the hymn, "The Spirit of God." Wesley sang every word. It was touching to be in a tiny hospital room with Wesley, my parents, Dallin, my grandpa, and the two young men and to sing that song. I think I will forever be grateful for that memory.

My Grandma Benson brought Sunday dinner... which was also a highlight. Wesley has just about given up completely on hospital food. He loathes it. There really isn't any cooking that at is better than Grandma Benson's. He ate well.

My mom and Dad had a great night sleep because my brother-in-law, Nate, came and stayed with Wes all night. I knew Nate was with him because that is the night Wes sent out the March Madness Bracket for us all to fill out... he does it every year. When we used to do it on paper, not online, Wesley would make a few brackets. He would always have one with BYU winning the whole think... wishful thinking, right?

The Millers
Notice how well Wes is holding his head up.

Monday March 12

Wes went back to therapy today. He is getting stronger. The progress he has made is nothing short of miraculous. It is nice to go back and watch earlier videos and compare them with his therapy now.

Next Tuesday Wes gets to go to a spring training baseball game, The Oakland A's vs. The Chicago Cubs. For Wesley, going out in public in his wheelchair is exhausting and physically demanding.  Wes is staying in his wheelchair longer and longer and because of this, his posture is getting better. He is holding his neck higher and stronger and his voice is also getting strong. He went out to eat at a pizza place for lunch today.

Wesley's sense of humor is also getting stronger. Monday night he asked my dad to please get him a fruit by the foot. My dad, being the king of 'dad jokes, reached down into a box and pulled out an apple then placed it by his foot. At first he gave my dad the look that only he can give and then fought back a smile which eventually turned in to a a laugh. He was probably thinking how weird my dad can be.

Dallin and Ashley and their family brought dinner. Wesley enjoys giving his nephews rides on his wheelchair more than anything. Canon got a lot of rides after dinner.

His outing to a pizza place for lunch.

Tuesday, March 13

Wesley has been eating better breakfasts this week and his liquid intake is much better. We have been worried because he has lost his appetite and he has not been drinking much. 

Today he was playing catch with a ball and coordinating both wrists to make it happen. He is sitting up longer and improving his rolls side to side. There has also been progress in moving him from his bed to the wheelchair or wheelchair to the work out table. 

Grandma Benson brought dinner again and she also brought Wes the mail he has been getting. There were cards and packages from Montana and all over. Thanks to everyone for their kindness. After a hard day of therapy Wes looks forward to reading cards and letters. He will not let my mom and dad read them to him. They have to hold them up in front of him so he can read them. Sometime if they can set the cards on his night stand he can turn his head and read them.

Wednesday, March 14 (Pi day)

Wes is getting better adjusted to getting up early. He is slowly becoming more awake and developing more energy. Hopefully, in the next week or so he will be able to start doing his school work. He has just been so physically exhausted that school work has been far from his mind. Soon, school work will be a major part of his day. Wesley is taking lower and lower amounts of pain pills, which may be helping him be more alert. Today he had one non-narcotic pain pill in the morning and in the afternoon he had two regular Tylenols.

Wes had several visitors today and he always enjoys that. Britt and Nate and their kids came with dinner. I heard it was quite the party with their four kids bouncing off the walls. They had some glow in the dark toys so they had to turn off all the lights in the room to play with them. Respiratory came in for a breathing treatment while this was going on and probably wondered what alternate dimension they had walked into. While Wesley was doing his breathing treatment from his wheelchair, Benson took advantage of the empty bed and jumped on it. Wes had a great day because all of his nieces and nephews came to visit. He loves them so much.

So many good things are happening. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Miracles are happening. We love you all and appreciate all you do. My parents stay busy all day long taking care of Wes and your support and encouragement lift them up.


  1. Wesley & Ryanne,
    You dont know us... but my husband and I log on every night to be moved and inspired by Wesley's determination and the miracles that occur!
    Thanks for keeping the blog. Since hearing of your accident we feel the strong desire to keep up with your family's progress & news.
    (our son & his family are your Montana neighbors)
    These videos ARE AMAZING!
    Tami & Jeff Schall

  2. Wes, You look great in the photo with the Millers. Best yet! Ryanne, thank you for the updates it's great to see Wes's progress.

  3. We are so amazed by the progress Wes is making - we were in the Greenway ward when your dad was Bishop. I think Wes was still in Primary. While we were only in the ward for a short time (a year or so), we greatly appreciated the Greene family and the example of a loving marriage and family they set for our growing little family. Thank you for the updates and videos - Wes you're a great strength to so many people - keep up the hard work. Love, Risenmay family