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On February 4, 2012 Wesley was in a skiing accident and broke his neck. He is 16 years old and is planning to graduate high school this year. There are not many 16 year old boys as amazing as he is. He is kind, thoughtful, and good date on his progress. I will make sure Wesley gets to read every comment this blog receives. My siblings and I will try to keep this blog current.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It’s a long time coming

Hello Friends,

Ryanne here. I apologize for the lack of posts lately. My dearest and I traveled to Idaho falls from Louisiana and it was quite the trek. I know you are not reading this blog to here about our trip to Mt. Rushmore, our Storybook Land adventures, or even about visiting many Ben and Ry fans. You are here to hear about my little brother. So, here goes nothing…

This update was written by my dad on April 16

Sunday was another great day for the Greene Family. we left the hospital at 8:30 AM to attend our old Greenway ward. It was really nice to see so many friends, who have been apart of our lives for over 30 years. We had Dallin and Brittnee’s families with us, which made it even more enjoyable.

Wes is demoing a new front wheel drive wheelchair. It has a lift on it that lifts him about a foot higher in the air. Nate was having a little fun and kept pushing the button to raise Wes up and down, up and down. Wes seems to be adjusting well to the wheelchair and has no problem going anywhere. My brother, Jack, made some ramps so that Wes can get into Britt and Dallin’s houses. Last week when we went to their house we did not have a ramp so we stacked several 1/2 boards together fro him to drive over the threshold. To say the very least, it was a crazy way in and out of the house. Wes refused to go back until he had a safer way to get into the house. Thanks to jack, he does not have to worry about getting in and out.

After church we spent some time visiting friends and then off to Dallin and Ashley’s home for lunch and visiting time. We had a great time relaxing away from the hospital environment.We then loaded up and went to Grandma Benson’s for dinner and then back to the hospital at about 7:30 PM. Wes was very tired but had a great day.

Monday was back to the grind of working hard. We started the day off with Barb, our physical therapist, and the salesperson for a wheelchair. Wes has tried out several types of wheelchairs and knows exactly what he wants. It is a front wheel drive lime green machine that is made to his body measurements. It will take about a week or ten days to get it in. Wes was then off with Jordan, his occupational therapist and Gus, his recreational therapist on a special hand driven three wheel cycle. We took a 40 minute journey all over the hospital, inside and out. I thought physically he would only be able to go about 5 minutes but he surprised us all with his strength and endurance. We are excited because tomorrow he will start learning how to use a manual wheelchair. This will be much harder but we are sure he will be able to do it. The manual chair will help build his muscles and endurance. He will have two chairs, one electric and one manual. We will be encouraging him to spend more time in the manual chair.

His spirit continues to be strong and positive and he and we are very much looking forward to staying with Grandma Benson for the next 4 week while Wes does out-patient therapy here. This week will go by quickly, we have so much to accomplish and so little time to get it all done. This is always a recipe to ensure time goes by fast. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support.

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