Here's the deal

On February 4, 2012 Wesley was in a skiing accident and broke his neck. He is 16 years old and is planning to graduate high school this year. There are not many 16 year old boys as amazing as he is. He is kind, thoughtful, and good date on his progress. I will make sure Wesley gets to read every comment this blog receives. My siblings and I will try to keep this blog current.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Story Part 2 plus some updates

Wesley never lost consciousness. He was awake every moment and aware of the situation. He was conscious as he hit the ice with incredible force. He was conscious as they cut through his brand new ski gear. Yesterday I neglected to write that the bindings on one of the skis had rotated 180 degrees as a result of the impact.

The ambulance crew was very professional and made sure Wes was secure and stable. They called Bozeman hospital ahead of time so they would be prepared to care for Wes.

At this point Dad followed was driving towards the hospital as well. His heart was heavy with concern for Wes. As he put it, "I wished with all my heart that I could trade places with him, throughout the whole ordeal this would not be the only time I had this thought." He had no cell phone reception driving through canyons and mountains so it gave him time to think. As he thought of who to call first, he was pained with the thought of telling Karen. It seemed to rip his heart apart. Calling one of the other children first seemed like a good way to prepare to tell her. He tried to reach several but no one answered. Finally, he spoke with Nate. He says,"As I explained the seriousness of Wes' injuries I was overcome with emotion and could hardly speak. I told him what I planned to tell Karen and made him promise not to say anything." Sharing the situation with a family member seemed to make his burden lighter. My dad has repeatedly told me how thankful he is for our family and the strength and unity we have. Dallin called him back soon after that, and he explained everything for a second time. Again, his burden seemed lighter. Dad prayed constantly as he drove and in between his conversations with Nate and Dallin. He says, "I prayed as I never have before. There is a different dimension to prayer when someone's life is on the line, and for Wesley's life, I would gladly trade my life for his if possible."

The drive from Moonlight Basin to the hospital was approximately 90 minutes.When Dad was about 60 minutes from Bozeman he called Mom. He knew that she had planned to spend the afternoon shopping and looking in small shops in town. When she answered the phone he casually asked how her day was going. Soon he mentioned that Wes had hit a jump wrong while skiing and may have broken his leg. Dad was about 10 to 15 minutes behind the ambulance and knew it would be good for Wes to have Mom there when he arrived.

As anticipated Mom beat Dad to the hospital. She went in and found Wes. That is where she learned that Wes had damaged his neck and that he could not feel his legs or hands and that this was a lot more serious than a broken leg. My dad writes, " I was about two minutes away from the hospital when Karen called me. She started to cry as she explained it was not his leg but his neck and that he could not feel his legs, feet, arms and fingers. I answered in tears that i knew and just at that moment I pulled into the parking lot. I found her in the parking lot and had a lot of explaining to do. (I had forgotten to call the hospital and tell them not to tell my wife anything just let me tell her). I told Karen that I wanted to tell her everything when I first called, but that I knew she had a 45 minute drive to the hospital. If she knew how serious Wesley's injuries were she would not have been able to drive to the hospital through all those tears, driving to fast and being so worried. I hardly made it to the hospital with all my tears. Another reason I told her what I did was because I wanted to shield her as long as I could from news that I knew would inflict great pain, and fracture her heart. I felt our lives were about to change and that our youngest son was in a battle for his life and well being.. I didn't know how true those thoughts were until we walked arm in arm back into the hospital."

Dad goes on to write,"As reality hit, we suddenly yearned for yesterday. When a kiss from Mom or Dad would heal a smashed finger, when a big smile on Wesley's face was an indication that everything was right in the world. Wes is the youngest of five children. He was, is, and continues to be our miracle baby- now in more way than one."

As they entered the emergency room it was clear that Wesley was the number one priority of what seemed like the whole hospital staff. Everyone gave them worried and concerned looks as they realized who they were, Gary and Karen Greene. Wesley's parents. Mom and Dad felt like they were in shock as the medical staff voiced their concerns to them. They felt as if they would pass out.

Part 3 to come tomorrow...

Today's Updates

I am sure many of you have already seen on facebook about the diagnosis change from being complete to incomplete. This gives us much more hope for more progress. It was a wonderful surprise for all of us. We know the power of prayer is strong.

Wesley also got cleared to eat nectar fluids, which are thicker fluids. He also ate mashed potatoes and grave, pureed chicken and carrots. I'm not sure that it was the best meal he has ever eaten but he knows he needs to nutrients to get better.

Wes has been so busy today with different types of therapists and doctors and nurses getting all up in his business. He is so patient and endures it well.

He had a few teachers from the school visit him and he seemed to really enjoy that. They got a few smiles out of him. A Catholic Priest from Three Forks stopped by to say a prayer for Wes. It was very kind. He had many other visitors as well. Often times visitors have to stay in the waiting room and don't even get to see Wes but we tell him who all comes.

His neck and shoulder have been in a lot of pain today. Wesley is a rockstar. He is doing his best. I love him.

Hey Little Brother,

You have no idea how much I look up to you right now. Since about 10:00PM I have spent the evening with you. The pain in your eyes brought me to tears. I think letting me hold your hand while I rub your head is fair trade off. I have struggled to get this post written because when I am the only one in the room with you all I want to do is stand by the bed, rub your head, and make sure you are not in too much pain. I look forward to the progress you will make tomorrow. The prayers are working. Your faith is amazing. You are an example to so many.

I love you so much,

By the way, I have to put a comment I got on facebook on here. It was so cute...

Tyrel Sieler: Best news ever!!! I wish God had a little prayer counter like the blog site has. Because I am sure the prayer number would destroy the blog view number! Love you guys!

 With that, I will end this update. I will try to update earlier in the day tomorrow.


  1. Ryan, thank you so much for keeping us posted. That's encouraging news with the prognosis change.

    Please tell your Dad that I am thinking of him. No good father could read what he said and not have tears in his eyes. Frank Layland

  2. Thanks Ryanne for letting us hear of Wesley's story through your dad's eyes. It makes me cry! What a heartbreaking trial for any parent, family, child to go through! You are an amazing family! Prayers for all of you...especially Wesley!

  3. Hi there-Can you provide the Facebook site name as well? Amazing news....the miracle you wanted and shows how very special Wesley and the rest of your family are. Thank you for posting everyday....and for sharing so much-Terri Hulse

  4. A facebook group has been created. "Praying for Wesley Greene" where updates can also be found.

  5. Hi Wesley,

    You may not remember me but I met you this last summer at the Stake Priest Activity. I am the YM President of the Livingston, MT ward. I know your Dad and that he is a great man. I just want you to know that all our YM and YW fasted and have been praying for you since we first heard Saturday evening of what happened. One of the YW gave the opening prayer in Sacrament Meeting this last Sunday and prayed for you then as well. You are on our minds and in our hearts in Livingston! If the Greene family needs anything, we are here to help.

    With love,
    Aron Kling

  6. Dear Ryanne,
    Thank you so much for keeping those of us far away updated. Your family is dear to us and you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

    Dana White

  7. I'm praying for him like I've never prayed before.


  8. Karen, Gary & family,
    Our family has all been praying and fasting for Wes and your family. Great to hear the encouraging news. We know with all the prayers and fasting in Wesley's behalf he will be blessed. You have an awesome family and we pray you know how much we love all of you and would do anything if we could take away the heart ache and pain that this accident has caused. Please give Wes our love.

  9. Wesley,

    The Willman's are praying for you and your family. Dallin keeps us updated and we check the blog often. We heard you like BYU basketball. Raquel is on the Cougar Council and is trying to get a poster with the players autographs.

    The Willmans

  10. Hey Wesley
    we are praying and fasting for you. your story is amazing. hope you feel better!
    Tyler May and May family
    From the bozeman 1st ward